Meet the Players: Luis Vazquez

In our Macbeth “Meet the Players” series, we’re interviewing the cast of our upcoming production. Get to know all the players you’ll see on stage in our ballet adaptation of ‘The Scottish Play’ March 29, 30 and 31 at the Athenaeum Theatre.


CRB: Why don’t you Tell the readers a little about yourself?

Luis: “I'm a born and raised Chicagoan, and I keep finding new things I love about the city. Specifically, the dance community here is so welcoming and supportive to one another. Dancers from different companies take classes together, and the artists in the community are constantly supporting one another by attending shows, and collaborating on projects.”

CRB: What are your thoughts about the ballet Macbeth?

Luis:” I think Macbeth lends itself perfectly to be adapted into a ballet. Themes of power, despair, love, and triumph fill the story and translate beautifully into movement. As artist director, Wade has given us a clear blueprint to follow but also gives us artistic liberty to fill in the lines and make the role our own; which as a dance artist makes the process much more fulfilling.”

CRB: What about your role as a witch in the show?

Luis: “It's been so much fun playing the part of a witch while rehearsing Macbeth. Wade has adapted a lot of the original movement to something that works in my body, which makes the role even more special to perform. Plus I'm obsessed with magic and anything fantasy, so I've been mentally preparing for this role for years.”

CRB: Anything else you’d like to hare?

Luis: Not a show to be missed!

See Luis and the rest of this incredible cast of performers on March 29, 30 and 31st at The Athenaeum Theatre. Get your tickets today!