Dancer Spotlight: Sarah Olson

A Farewell chat with Sarah Olson

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CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Sarah: Of course I love all the works that we are performing, but I am most excited about Wade's new work, A Symphony For Hope. I think there is a lot to worry about in our current political climate, especially in regards to the Arts, and it is easy to get despondent. The flip side to that is this is now the perfect moment in time to band together and to fight for what we hold dear. Hope is a powerful catalyst for change.

CRB: What has been the most rewarding experience for you?

This will be my last season with CRB as I am stepping away from performing and I have to say the most rewarding part of this season was the breadth of the repertoire in this concert. I have both been able to revisit and re-imagine works that I have already performed and also be a part of the vibrant creative process for a new work. It's the best of both worlds.

Dancer Spotlight: Abigail Stachnik

Q&A with Abigail


CRB: What's been the most rewarding part of the process? 

Abigail: I've enjoyed the intimate rehearsal space; with only 16 dancers in the room, I feel as though we've grown closer through this experience and gotten to know each other as dancers and friends.


CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Abigail: I'm most excited to perform Bolero because it's a sassy contemporary piece that showcases the versatility of these dancers. It's a piece that feels comfortable for my body, so I can lose myself in the world of the piece. And who wouldn't love to perform a dance that involves moving walls and flirting with the audience?.


CRB: What's a fun fact about yourself?

Abigail:: I love mermaids and I wanted to be one when I was a child

Dancer Spotlight: Jordan Colovos

Q&A with Jordan Colovos


CRB: What should someone who's never been to CRB expect? 

Jordan: They can expect a large amount of depth within our company! Everyone moves in such different ways but we all compliment each other so well.


CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Jordan: I'm excited to perform "Four Seasons" because it's incredibly challenging for me and it pushes me.

Dancer Spotlight: Jordan Mercer

Q&A with Jordan!


CRB: What should someone expect if they've never seen a CRB show?

Jordan: I guess the best way I can explain it is a mix between contemporary dance and ballet. It's hard to explain because I have never done work like this before dancing for CRB.


CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Jordan: It really is a toss up between The Four Seasons and the new ballet, "A Symphony for Hope." The new ballet is very exciting and unlike anything else I've ever danced, however The Four Seasons was the first ballet I learned with CRB (three years ago) and this will be my first time getting to perform it.


CRB: What has been the most rewarding part of the process?

Jordan: Getting to work with this extremely talented and hard working group of dancers. I feel like just being in the room with them challenges me to keep pushing myself.


CRB: What's a fun fact you'd like to tell our audience?

Jordan: I use duct tape to protect my toes when I am wearing my pointe shoes.I have found that it works the best out of everything I have tried.

Dancer Spotlight: Miriam-Rose LeDuc

Q&A with Miriam-Rose!

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CRB: What piece are you most excited to perform?

Miriam-Rose: I really enjoy dancing each of the pieces I've been cast in, but would have to say I'm most looking forward to performing in "A Symphony of Hope." It's exciting to be a part of a world premiere!


CRB: What's been the most rewarding part of the process?

Miriam-Rose: As a classically trained dancer, I have really loved exploring contemporary dance. CRB has a unique mix of repertoire, and I have enjoyed challenging myself to increase my versatility as a dancer through the different styles of movement.


CRB: Tell the world a little about yourself!

Miriam-Rose: In addition to dancing, I enjoy playing the violin, teaching, and composing music.

Dancer Spotlight: Nathan Crewe-Kluge

Q&A with Nathan!


CRB: What piece are you the most excited to perform? 
Nathan: I'm super excited to perform The Four Seasons because it's such an emotional journey, and I have the opportunity to really project my feelings.

CRB: What has been the most rewarding part of this experience? 
athan: I've found a lot of self growth in my performance quality, and my ability to execute choreography while simultaneously expressing the piece's tone.

Dancer Spotlight: Akilah Harris

Q&A with Akilah!


CRB: What should someone expect if they've never been to a CRB show?

Akilah: They should prepare to feel all of the feelings! You might laugh, you might cry; you will definitely have a good time!


CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Akilah: I'm really excited to perform "A Symphony for Hope" because it has a strong focus on team work and community. It feels like this piece in particular really brings us together as a company. There's a certain sense of support I feel in this piece and I'm excited to share that with more people.

Dancer Spotlight: Pablo Sanchez

Q&A with Pablo!

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Pablo Sanchez

CRB: What has been the most rewarding experience this season?

Pablo: Joining Chicago Repertory Ballet has been a trek into a new dance-scape for me. Wade's artistic vision is approachable and clear yet vast and curious. As a dancer, the most exciting experience is the creation of a new work, and being a part of that process is a reward in itself.

CRB: What inspires you?

Pablo: My family inspires me to dance! They have always stood behind me in my decision and pursuit to become a dancer: my mother and father, brothers and sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces... I dance because of you! Thank you!

Meet Emily

Emily Price is from the city of Chicago and has been dancing since she was three years old. She is currently dancing with the Joffrey Ballet. This year she had the opportunity to work with Ashley Wheater, Christopher Wheeldon, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Thodos Dance Chicago studying the dance technique developed by Bella Lewitzky. Emily has performed in various Joffrey Performances including Copellia, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and the Joffrey Gala performance. 

Before joining the Joffrey Ballet, Emily danced competitively and has won numerous awards, scholarships, and titles as a soloist. She has won Elite Dancer at WCDE, Jump VIP, Miss Showbiz, Hall Of Fame Inductee, Miss mini, junior, and teen at KAR, and Dancer of the Year. She has also had the opportunity to dance with the Rockettes in New York City and the Lion King on Broadway. 

Emily is currently a high school sophomore and is eager to start a professional dance career with the Chicago Repertory Ballet.