Our mission is to bring storytelling and choreographic innovation to the stage while inspiring audiences and challenging preconceived notions of the art-form.  


Why CRB?

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Le Sacre DU pRINTEMPS (2013)

Le Sacre is CRB's first one act narrative ballet. Artistic Director Wade Schaaf's reworking of the original scheme is set in a futuristic tribal society. Although humanity has to start again, this tribe seems to have fallen into some ancient patterns including worshiping the Earth and ritual sacrifice.

Costume and set Design by Nathan Rohrer. Music by Stravinsky. Lighting design by Amanda Klegg Lyon.

The Four Seasons (2014)

Highlights from CRB's The Four Seasons. This work which features the 'recomposed' score by Max Richter is Artistic Director Wade Schaaf's exploration of how we relate to the concept of 'seasons' in life. With costumes designed by Branimira Ivanova and lighting designed by Julie Ballard, this work explores the breadth of the human experience.

MacBeth (2016)

A look a Wade Schaaf's production of The Scottish Play which premiered at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts in March of 2016.

This adaptation of the Shakespeare classic is scored to the music of Polish composer Wojech Kilar, with lighting by Sarah Lackner/Stonewolf Productions, costumes designed by CRB's resident costume designer Nathan Rohrer and projections from John Pobojewski at THIRST DESIGN.

A Symphony for hope (2017)

One of CRB's most recent works, this ballet is based on the feelings of isolation and hopeless experience after disappointment, and the drive and determination required to move forward: Costumes by Nathan Rohrer, lighting by Julie Ballard and choreography by Artistic Director Wade Schaaf.