Teacher Spotlight: Miriam-Rose LeDuc

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We sat down with Miriam-Rose to talk about her philosophy on teaching, life and artistry. Please enjoy our interview with Miriam-Rose!

CRB: "Tell us a little bit about your teaching background."

Miriam: "For the past four years, I have been on faculty at The Joffrey Academy of Dance.  I have given master classes and taught throughout the Midwest at the Jacobs School of Music, the Beverly Arts Center, and The Academy for the Arts in Spring Arbor, Michigan, among others."

CRB: "In your words, what would you say is your teaching philosophy/approach?"

Miriam: "As a teacher, my aim is not only to train my students to be the very best dancers or musicians they can be, but also to equip them with the skills and values necessary to become the best possible versions of themselves.  I love the arts of both ballet and violin for many reasons; one of which is that in order to do them well, one must develop perseverance, discipline, passion, humility, creativity, and patience, among other qualities.  These qualities are valuable not only in the arts, but in any person’s life, and I aspire to enhance and shape the lives of my students."

CRB: "What do you personally enjoy about teaching?

Miriam: "I love being able to pass on the tools and technique required to execute an artform well.  When you see a student who really wants to succeed, who puts in the work, and is able to see their improvement in class, onstage, through an audition, etc., it is so rewarding!"

CRB: "What do you think is unique about CRB's Summer Intensive program?"

Miriam: "CRB is unique in its versatility.  Not only do we dance and perform a myriad of styles, but each of the teachers at this intensive have diverse backgrounds and so much to offer from our variety of artistic experiences.  You won't want to miss it!"

CRB: "Tell us something fun about YOU!"

Miriam: "As I implied above, I also play the violin!  I started when I was six years old with the Suzuki violin method, and am still performing, teaching, and writing my own music today."

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