Dancer Spotlight: Jordan Mercer

Q&A with Jordan!


CRB: What should someone expect if they've never seen a CRB show?

Jordan: I guess the best way I can explain it is a mix between contemporary dance and ballet. It's hard to explain because I have never done work like this before dancing for CRB.


CRB: What are you most excited to perform?

Jordan: It really is a toss up between The Four Seasons and the new ballet, "A Symphony for Hope." The new ballet is very exciting and unlike anything else I've ever danced, however The Four Seasons was the first ballet I learned with CRB (three years ago) and this will be my first time getting to perform it.


CRB: What has been the most rewarding part of the process?

Jordan: Getting to work with this extremely talented and hard working group of dancers. I feel like just being in the room with them challenges me to keep pushing myself.


CRB: What's a fun fact you'd like to tell our audience?

Jordan: I use duct tape to protect my toes when I am wearing my pointe shoes.I have found that it works the best out of everything I have tried.