Dancer Spotlight: Christine Janák

Q&A with Christine Janák 


CRB: What's been the most exciting new work from this season?

Christine Janák : I really enjoy dancing in the new ballet Wade has created for this show. It's like a whirlwind. This piece has the full company cast in it and I think it's going to be really powerful to have so many dancers onstage. The solos really twinkle like skittering sparks, so in the crescendo of this piece I'm hoping for visual fireworks.


CRB: What's been the most challenging/fun part of the rehearsal processes?

Christine Janák : When the choreography feels good in your body you dance it differently. I feel I dance at my best with Wade's style, the movements flow one into the next without being predictable. Getting to work in this style of movement is not only rewarding but also quite fun. 



Christine Janák : Art is vital to society, and good art can do incredible things. Supporting the arts makes you a part of the community of art makers, and what CRB does is incredible. In a few short weeks of rehearsal CRB has put together a stunning showcase of 4 new to the world feats of grace and athleticism and a 5th revival piece of powerful inspection on the human condition. Subtle stories told through gesture and flying leaps, whirlwinds and playful banter. Modern Motions fills the spectrum of emotions. The audience is in for an exciting ride.