Ambitious Chicago Repertory Ballet Shows Us Who They Want To Be

Now in its 6th season, Chicago Repertory Ballet (CRB) continues to build in size and stature with a two-night engagement called “Modern Motions” at the Athenaeum Theatre. Ambitious choreography, four world premieres, and beefy production value have me sitting up a bit for this group, a once fledgling company that appears to be emerging from the pack.

-Lauren Warnecke, 2018

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DANCE: A top seven in dance in 2016

The immersive visual environment and Schaaf's unique mix of classical and contemporary vocabulary generally kept to the Shakespeare tragedy's plotline, but the setting was situated in an ambiguous era that was part Elizabethan, part World War II, part apocalyptic future. Alluding to the timeless nature of Shakespeare, it was a similar approach to Krzysztof Pastor's take on Romeo & Juliet ( presented for a second time by the Joffrey Ballet in October), although far more effective.

-Windy City Media Group, 2016


Wade Schaaf Moves Backstage

with New Troupe

"I hope this company will produce work that gets back to the roots of ballet, and for that matter, musical theater and straight plays, which is storytelling."

-Chicago Tribute, 2012


Chicago Repertory Ballet Leaves Few Stones and Tones Unturned

"His [Wade Scaaf's] Chicago Repertory Ballet Company is committed to narrative, to the story-telling traditionally synonymous with ballet itself. 


-Miami New Times, 2015

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A Bright Debut for

Chicago Repertory Ballet

"Peoplescape:Juxtaposition,"  is another success, turning on a tension you see a lot in contemporary work, an abstract world of unexplained angst interwoven with starkly dramatic movement"

-Chicago Tribune, 2012